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US Organic Immigration Lead Generation

“The Immigration Attorney Network Takes Organic US Lead Generation to the next level with a proprietary legal marketing platform, empowering immigration law firms to build their practices in the direction they wish to grow at a sustainable and low unit cost."
For most attorneys and law firms, the main objective of having an immigration website is to generate new client leads. The Immigration Attorney Network’s organic lead generation platform deploys multiple Geo targeted websites that create mass digital visibility at a low unit cost.

Harnessing The Immigration Attorney Network’s organic lead generation platform enables immigration law firms to be more accessible digitally to potential new clients.

The Immigration Attorney Network’s Geo targeted organic lead generation sites are designed to rank high on the major search engines and convert website traffic into qualified immigration leads for attorneys using proven methods to grab and keep a potential client’s attention. The Immigration Attorney Network’s organic content generates more immigration leads than traditional outbound marketing.

Safe Legal Organic lead generation is designed to rank, get clicks and convert visitors to potential clients.

To successfully rank on the first page of Google, Yahoo and Bing, websites need to have effective on-site SEO. Clicks come from successful search engine marketing (SEM) that drive potential clients to optimized content. Conversion of potential clients to inbound leads comes from professional web design with strong potential client experience (PCX). The Immigration Attorney Network packages all of that together, delivering a powerful organic lead generation platform for immigration attorneys.

Forget Everything You Know about Inbound Marketing and Organic Lead Generation.

The Immigration Attorney Network’s organic lead generation platform is a proprietary, one-of-a-kind digital technology that can quickly produce hundreds of Geo-targeted, organic digital assets (websites, micro sites, etc.) that automatically and virtually control and manage content (data points) to deliver a truly customized local experience.

No existing technology is as unique, robust or configurable. None can increase conversions or return on investment (ROI) faster than the Immigration Attorney Network’s organic lead generation platform can.

Websites customized to a location deliver a more personalized, trusted user experience, and they can be produced faster for less cost than most single sites. Websites on the Immigration Attorney Network’s organic immigration lead generation platform can be customized to represent the local flavor without compromising corporate branding and messaging.

The Immigration Attorney Network’s Organic Immigration Lead Generation Platform Advantages:
  • Boost Law firm’s online presence through a network of local sites.
  • Be found locally by clients searching for immigration law services.
  • Rank on Page 1 for relevant search terms on major search engines.
  • Engage prospects close to their home with a trusted local website.
  • Individual local sites contain many customization attributes.
  • A low-cost solution for the challenges of local organic marketing.
  • Local Websites reduce the cost of Paid Advertising.
  • 24/7 organic visibility on Google, Yahoo and Bing
  • Target clients by city, state, neighborhood, as granular as needed.
  • Changes can be made instantaneously across the network
  • Own 100% of all leads generated 
The Immigration Attorney Network offers law firms a scalable, cost effective, Organic Immigration Lead Generation Platform that enables the creation and deployment of hundreds of customized local, lead producing immigration law websites.

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