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US Immigration Leads FAQ

How does the Immigration Attorney Network help me get new clients?
The Immigration Attorney Network generates qualified exclusive leads through a multi – channel digital platform, targeting local immigration clients seeking legal advice and representation.

The Immigration Attorney Networks traffic comes from organic and paid Google, Yahoo and Bing searches. Our Geo – targeted websites generate traffic from thousands of relevant immigration law keywords and content. related to the complex world of immigration law. To illustrate how potential clients, find our network sites, here is a sample of Immigration Attorney Network keywords potential clients search for and rank Page 1 on the top three search engines.
  • Immigration Attorney
  • Visa Attorney
  • Deportation Defense Attorney
  • DACA Attorney
  • Green Card Attorney
  • Criminal Defense Attorney
  • Immigration Appeal Attorney
  • Political Asylum Attorney
  • Immigration Work Permit Attorney
Can there be more than one immigration law firm in a territory?

Clients of the Immigration Attorney Network purchase an exclusive territory, after which no other immigration law firm will be allowed to participate in that location. Immigration clients acquired from outside the geographical or practice area can be referred out to another firm by closest distance to the client.

What are The Advantages of The Immigration Attorney Network?

Immigration Attorney Network leads helps immigration law firms generate more clients online by harnessing strategic search optimization and advertising campaigns utilizing cutting edge tactics & proprietary technology. Benefits include:
  • No Long-Term Contract Requirements - Immigration Attorney Network clients will stay because of the results that their campaigns generate. That’s why we offer simple and flexible campaign agreements, which allows clients the ability to modify, pause or stop our service with a 30-day notice. No contracts mean clients have nothing to lose, allowing existing PPC advertisers to evolve with us.
  • More Lead Generation Experience - Immigration Attorney Network management blends technical expertise and real marketplace experience to build our clients a multi-location, optimized and highly targeted campaign for their practice. With over a decade of lead generation experience in multiple competitive industries, we minimize the learning curve and maximize client ROI. 

    Immigration Attorney Network lead generation experts understand how to effectively launch a multi-location and cross-platform strategy for immigration practices from day one. 
  • Better ROI Results -The Immigration Attorney Network uses proprietary technology and experience to analyze and manage immigration lead generation accounts and deliver increased new client volume and increased ROI.
How do I become a client?
Call now at  855 461 0009 to speak with an immigration attorney network consultant who can answer all your questions and guide you through the enrollment process.

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